Welcome to Demo shop for JoomGallery

The site offers a demo shop based on JoomGallery and JoomShopping.

So I want to demonstrate to you how to sell your JoomGallery images over a shop.

When I use the shop component JoomShopping. This is mainly due to:

  • The shop is relatively easy to configure
  • It provides the necessary EU or German law functions


Summary how it all works:

  • Upload the image and enter the price in JoomGallery
  • The image is automatically created by Plugin as a product - it is not a product maintenance in JoomShopping necessary!
  • By clicking on the shopping cart symbol in JoomGallery is placed the picture in the cart and can be "bought"

What measures are exactly necessary to install the store and configure, I've listed for you here in detail.

You can here to try to run any orders.

If you carry out the order to the end, you get at the end of an e-mail including invoice pdf, according to the current shop configuration. From the billing email can be started after payment the download. An order is possible even without explicit registration.

Do not worry: The entered data will not be shared, etc.

In addition, you can shop in the discount code "10percent" or "15Euro" type, almost as a little incentive to buy. wink

Note: This is a private website without business background.