Here I explain in detail what is required for installation and configuration.

Please note all the points and makes the changes in the order indicated by. Only so you can be sure that it works later!

In this ZIP file contains the necessary adjustments for the JoomGallery and JoomShopping.


A Necessary extensions for Joomla!

1. JoomGallery 3.x JUX with following Plugins:

  - JoomMarketlink

  - JoomAdditionalImageFields

2. JoomShopping 4.x for Joomla 3.x

  - Template "joomgallery" - which can be found in the zip file

  - Plugin "JoomGallerySynchrony" - this can you download here for free on the website of JoomShopping developers

  - Module "JoomShopping_cart" to display of the shopping cart on the site


B Configuration of JoomGallery

First we go to the plugin JoomMarketlink. There we provide the following:

a) Either we choose "JoomShopping" from the list of stores from (the easier way)


b) We choose "other" and then you can define the path to the Store icon itself..
- Used Shop: Other
- Icon for example: media/joomgallery/images/cart_add.png
This icon (cart icon) appears later under the picture. You can, for example, use the Silk Icon Set (most JoomGallery icons originate from there) or create your own. It should have 16px size of 16 x. It must then be copied by you in the specified path.
- Link: index.php?option=com_jshopping&controller=cart&task=add&category_id=1&product_id=%s

Then we need the plugin for the additional fields in images (JoomAdditionalImageFields). There, a field is created with the name "price", where we entered the price of the images later. To help you work, I have the necessary "additional.xml" included in the zip file. Please copies the file into the folder "plugins/joomgallery/joomadditionalimagefields/additionalfields".

The plugins JoomMarketlink and JoomAdditionalImageFields later no longer disable, otherwise the content will be deleted at the pictures!

Those who wish can finally a voice override the following language constants make: PLG_JOOMGALLERY_JOOMMARKETLINK_TIPCAPTION and PLG_JOOMGALLERY_JOOMMARKETLINK_TIPTEXT. These are the texts that appear when you move the mouse over the shopping cart symbol.


C Configuration of JoomShopping

JoomShopping must of course be configured with the necessary general information, such as Shop owner, tax number, Rate, terms of condition, and so on.

To view the images in the template shop contained in the zip file "joomgallery" must be installed in JoomShopping. This is a slightly modified version of the 'defaultg' templates (currently version 3.20.0).

Then we put in a category JoomShopping and name eg "Images from JoomGallery". The name does not really matter, what matters is that this category the ID=1 gets.

The plugin JoomGallerySynchrony must be installed and activated.

The module "JoomShopping_cart-4.0.1" is used for display of the shopping cart in Joomla!. One can also use another.


D Upload the images and input the prices in JoomGallery

We can now for the images in the JoomGallery upload and then enter the prices. For this we can edit each image in Picture Manager and enter the tab 'Parameters' the desired price. Be careful when you enter the price that the point or the comma as the decimal separator are allowed. A thousand separators must not be used. You will notice that the ID already been transferred from JoomShopping in Market Link Field. This ID should normally not be changed.


E Restrictions

The following restrictions apply:

- There are no attributes support, that is, there is only one price per image/product.

- Only when uploading in JoomGallery images are created as a product. Only would for a possible mass import yet created a script.

If you have a multilingual shop, the following restrictions are still in place:

- The field for the price can only have a label that appears identical in all languages.